Digital media agency TinyGiant Oy

Digital media agency TinyGiant Oy 

The digital media agency TinyGiant was created on the shared enthusiasm of four experts of their own fields. “I was interested in setting up a company, even though the field of operation wasn’t completely clear. I discussed the idea with a few confidants and found the experts in my circle of acquaintances,” CEO of TinyGiant, Antti Korhonen, explains.

“The team merged information technology, marketing and sales as well as contract management and linguistics,” Antti says.  “The group was joined by Sven Langbein, Ari-Pekka Piiparinen and Jukka-Pekka Toivonen.”  Out of the founding group, all but Jukka-Pekka are still working at TinyGiant. “Sven’s strength is his language skills (German, English, Russian, Finnish and Swedish), and I myself have years of experience in managerial and supervisory duties as well as project management.”

Entrepreneurship had fascinated Antti Korhonen for a long while. “The good thing about entrepreneurship is that you get to fulfil yourself,” Antti ponders. “I and the whole team have both freedom and responsibility. When you have a company of your own, you carry the responsibility of the possible mistakes, but at the same time, the right choices benefit your own business. The aspect of getting clients and making money doesn’t hurt, either, because you have to earn your keep with this,” Antti laughs.

Ari-Pekka Piiparinen is also satisfied with joining TinyGiant. “When Antti persuaded me to join, I didn’t have to think twice, because entrepreneurship was attracting,” Ari-Pekka, who has 20 years’ versatile experience on program development, explains. Ari-Pekka had also run his own company before.

Antti Korhonen thinks that entrepreneurship is an upward trend amongst the young. There are freelancers in many fields and project work is on the rise, although entrepreneurship doesn’t suit everyone.

The location of TinyGiant, established in 2014, was chosen to be Imatra due to everyone’s place of residence. “It was easy to set up a company”, Antti tells. “We didn’t have any business consultancy in the founding phase, but in retrospect, it could have been useful. We have gotten help afterwards and you learn by doing.”

The operation of the digital media agency TinyGiant has started out well, and there have been surprisingly many clients. “There’s clearly a need for service of this kind, and our service package is expansive. We can, e.g., make a website and a webstore for a company, tailor-make marketing suitable for them, enhance their sales, and produce content e.g. for the website,” Antti explains. “Our newest subject of development is the service launched in the spring of 2015. It is an online translation bureau that offers high-quality translations in dozens of different languages regardless of the field of business. Our service is based on an expansive network of professional translators, amongst whom we’ll find the suitable translator with keeping the client’s needs in mind. The service has gained extremely positive feedback and has big clients. The service functions in the whole of Finland, and we could expand into Europe with the same concept,” Antti Korhonen ponders.

The future of the digital media agency TinyGiant seems interesting. “We’ll create new things and develop the old,” Antti sums up. “We can offer a comprehensive service for a company, because our strengths comprise of a skilled team, flexibility and adaptability. For a small company, networks are especially important, and we aim to create them by being actively involved,” Antti, who is e.g. about to run the operation of the young entrepreneurs in Southern Karelia under the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, explains.