Advertising agency Dominus

Advertising agency Dominus


“Becoming an entrepreneur was a very positive experience, because everyone welcomed a new entrepreneur well here. Imatra is still very much pro-entrepreneurship,” Juha-Matti Kupiainen from the advertising agency Dominus says.  Juha-Matti founded his company in 2009, and his premises are in the Tietotalo building in Imatra. Juha-Matti went through estimations with Antti Oravuo at Kehy and discussed also other things related to entrepreneurship."

Juha-Matti Kupiainen, who had worked in the sector for ten years, worked first in an advertising agency in Savonlinna. “My motivation for being a wage earner started slowly to wane, and entrepreneurship began to interest me more and more. I was very entrepreneur-like in my manner for work even in employment, and I spent a lot of free-time thinking about work stuff. As an entrepreneur, I have the freedom and the responsibility to work when it’s convenient for my and the client’s timetables,” Juha-Matti ponders. “I Googled the advertising agencies in Imatra but didn’t find many. The final location was determined by love,” Juha-Matti laughs. “My spouse, who works as a teacher, got a job in Imatra.

The field of advertising agencies has changed a lot in ten years. “The technology has developed hugely, and versatile online services and the social media have come into the picture, and at the same time the print side of the work has decreased and been specialized,” Juha-Matti explains. “Mere online customer service is nevertheless not enough, it’s still important to meet the client face to face.”

The trumps of the advertising agency Dominus are great service, quick reaction time and flexibility. To gain large projects and new clients, you have to invest in quality all the time. “Our service mentality is simple: you get the best service in the Imatra region,” Juha-Matti Kupiainen sums it up. “We’re able to act quickly and to arrange the construction of a stand at a fair and the gathering of all the material required for a client in a week’s time, if needed.”

For client acquisition, networking is the starting point for everything. “You need to be acquainted with and to know a lot of people and to be involved in different networks,” Juha-Matti, who is, for example, a member in the board of the entrepreneurs in the Imatra region under the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, explains. “Successful work and references also speak for themselves, so the grapevine is still an effective marketing medium. You can never emphasize the personal contact too much, because it always works,” Juha-Matti contemplates. “In addition to that, it’s important to put yourself in the client’s shoes and to see things from the client’s point of view.”

Juha-Matti Kupiainen was young to become an entrepreneur, but he hasn’t regretted it for a moment. “I had more courage when I was younger. Now I might think about this longer and harder,” Juha-Matti laughs. “As an entrepreneur, you need courage throughout your career, and there’s no point in looking back in anything. Whatever you’ve decided, you’ve made the solutions to the best of your ability based on the information you had at the moment, and you always need courage for new decisions.”

The advertising agency Dominus, located in the Tietotalo building in Imatra, covers your advertising design needs from business images to individual executions. Along the way, the agency’s done numerous logos, images, brochures, websites and photos – with the newest service of taking aerial photography with a miniature helicopter.